What kind of cash drawer should you purchase to work with Agilysys POS?

Agilysys POS Software is flexible enough to accommodate your changing business, and reliable enough to never get in the way of serving your guests. Next-generation restaurant and hospitality management software solutions from Agilysys are helping business operators reduce guest wait times, optimize operations and increase revenue opportunities. Whether you need a POS system or software to manage inventory, daily business, and retail needs, Agilysys offers solutions to enhance the guest experience, encouraging repeat business for maximum long-term revenue. Please read the options below carefully before purchasing a cash drawer.


How Do You Want to Connect to Agilysis POS Software?

Agilysys POS Hardware Bundle

If you plan to connect the Agilysys POS software to an APG cash drawer, any USB cash drawer listed below will work. With these options, the only way to connect a cash drawer is through a USB connector. Cash drawer options come in black and range in size from 13 x 17 inches to 16 x 16 inches. 


Popular cash drawer options for Agilysys POS:

Buy JB554A-BL1317 or VB554A-BL1616

All cash drawer options recommended by Agilysys POS:

Cash Drawer Part Number Description
JB554A-BL1317 Painted Black Series 4000, USB Interface, 13 x 17 inches
VB554A-BL1616 Painted Black Vasario, USB interface, 16 x 16 inches 
VP554A-BL1416 Painted Black Vasario, No media slots, USB interface, 14 x 16 inches 


For other cash drawer options, please view:

Agilysys POS Cash Drawer Options Brochure - Coming soon!



What Cash Drawer Accessories Work With Your Agilysys POS Solution?

Please read the options below carefully before purchasing any accessories. We cannot take orders for parts and accessories over the phone.

Listed below are cash drawer accessories that will work with a 1313, 1616 Vasario™ and Series 4000 1313 Cash Drawer. Many of these accessories are offered on APG’s Online Store for those that are not, please contact your local reseller.

To check your drawer part ID – on the bottom of your whole unit, look at the silver label. Watch this video.

Keys + Locks

VPK-8K-235 Vasario key kit, 2 keys,  code 235
PK-408K-Axx Series 4000 Keys; set of (2) keys (xx) denotes key number, A1-A10

Under Counter Mounting Brackets

VPK-27-16-BX Vasario Under Counter Mounting Bracket kit, 1416/1616
PK-27-BX Under Counter Mounting Bracket, Classic Media & S100 with (4) screws - (individually packed)

Locking Till Covers

VPK-14B-4-BX Till Cover for VPK-15B-2A-BX
PK-15VTA-BX Series 4000 Till kit, 1816 Drawer
PK-14L-R-BX Steel Locking Till Cover (fits M-15VTA & M-15U-xxx) - (individually packed)


VPK-15B-2A-BX Vasario Till Kit, USD, 5x5, 1616
VPK-15B-10-BX Vasario Till Kit, 1616 Drawer, 5x8 plastic bill hold downs
PK-15VTA-BX Series 4000 Till kit, 1816 Drawer


CD-101A Printer Cable
CD-101B Printer Cable
CD-D1D2EP Adapter Cable, dual drawer splitter
CD-101A-10 Printer cable, Epson Star Drawer 1, status phase high, multipro 10 ft.
BA-0554A-0837A-02 Bus Adaptor, USB 554A-320 interface


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