What kind of cash drawer should you purchase to work with POS Lavu?

POS Lavu is a cloud based iPad POS system designed for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, foot trucks and more. Having the right hospitality POS solution  affects every aspect of your business. From maintaining customer care standards, to managing inventory, an effective iPad POS can help your restaurant succeed your revenue and business goals. Please read the options below carefully before purchasing a cash drawer.


How Do You Want to Connect to POS Lavu iPad Software?


If you plan to connect the POS Lavu iPad software to an APG cash drawer, any printer-driven cash drawer, USB, or manual cash drawer listed below will work. With these options, the only way to connect a cash drawer is via the receipt printer port or through a USB connector. Cash drawer options come in black and all white and range in size from 13x13 inches to 16x16 inches. Please be sure to purchase an interface cable (listed in accessories below) to connect to your cash drawer. 


Popular cash drawer options for POS Lavu:

Buy VB320-BL1616 or all-white option VB320-AW1616 and the CD-101A cable.

All cash drawer options recommended by POS Lavu:

Cash Drawer Part Number Description
VB320-BL1313-B27 Painted Black Vasario, Printer driven interface, 13 x 13 inches with US currency till
VB320-BL1616 Painted Black Vasario, Printer driven interface, 16 x 16 inches 
VB554A-BL1616 Painted Black Vasario, USB interface, 16 x 16 inches 
T320-BL1616 Painted Black Series 100, Printer driven interface, 16 x 16 inches 
VB320-AW1616 All-white Vasario, Printer driven interface, 16 x 16 inches 
VP101-BL1616 Painted Black Vasario, manual push button interface, 16 x 16 inches 
VP320-BL1416  Painted Black Vasario, No media slots, Printer driven interface, 14 x 16 inches
VB320-BL1616-542 Painted Black Vasario, Printer driven interface, 16 x 16 inches with 542 key code 


For other cash drawer options, please view:

POS Lavu Cash Drawer Options Brochure - Coming soon!



What Cash Drawer Accessories Work With Your POS Lavu Solution?

Please read the options below carefully before purchasing any accessories. We cannot take orders for parts and accessories over the phone.

Listed below are cash drawer accessories that will work with a 1313, 1616 Vasario™ and Series 100 1616 Cash Drawer. Many of these accessories are offered on APG’s Online Store for those that are not, please contact your local reseller.

To check your drawer part ID – on the bottom of your whole unit, look at the silver label. Watch this video.

Keys + Locks

VPK-8K-235 key kit, 2 keys,  code 235
VPK-8K-243 key kit, 2 keys, code 243
VPK-8K-435 Key kit, 2 keys, code 435
VPK-8K-542 Key kit, 2 keys, code 542
PK-408K-Axx Keys; set of (2) keys (xx) denotes key number, A1-A10

Under Counter Mounting Brackets

VPK-27-16-BX Vasario Under Counter Mounting Bracket Kit, 1416, 1616 drawer
VPK-27B-13-BX Vasario Under Counter Mounting Bracket Kit, 1313 drawer
PK-27-BX Series 100 Under Counter Mounting Braket, 1616 drawer

Locking Till Covers

PK-14L-R-BX Till Cover for PK-15VTA-BX


VPK-15B-2A-BX Vasario Till Kit, USD, 5x5, 1616
VPK-14B-27-BX Locking Till cover Fits VPK-15B-27 Till (Individually packaged)
VPK-14B-4-BX Locking Till cover Fits VPK-15B-2A Till (Individually packaged)
VPK-15B-27-BX Vasario Till Kit , 1313 Drawer


CD-101A Printer Cable
CD-101B Printer Cable
CD-D1D2EP Adapter Cable, dual drawer splitter
CD-101A-10 Printer cable, Epson Star Drawer 1, status phase high, multipro 10 ft.



Case Study: APG & Partners Deliver Whole in One with POS System for Golf Environments


Case-Study_MockUp_GolfThe 2014 PGA Memorial Tournament hosted by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus delivered a couple of significant firsts. For the first time, Japanese golfer Hideki Matsuyama won the tournament, and APG Cash Drawer debuted its Stratis™ Integration System as part of a mobile POS solution used at concession and food stations. The “whole-in-one” solution featured iPads as POS stations, Epson printers, and state-of-the-art software from APG partner Lavu IncCulinetwork, a POS solutions provider and Lavu partner, installed the system in the days leading up to the golf competition, which raised $148,000 for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Download POS Lavu Case Study




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